Self-searching or self-burrowing?
The question in my direct is: "How can I live simple? Without self-searching and self-burrowing?"

I think "simple life" is not a high level of competence of the soul. Dogs live as simple as that. Thisis the way a young soul lives having many first lives simply living, getting experience of living in its body, getting experience of emotions and different feelings, learning and practicing how to work with them. Anyway, it is a process where simple instincts prevail: eating, sleeping, sex and self-defence.

An experienced soul has ''a call''. It is the feeling that there is something better and bigger than all these material things. There is a necessary to work with yourself. It is the soul that hurts in the body.

A material body, which belongs to the material world, has a lot of information about past lives and what has always been. This information is blocking the light of the soul and doesn't let it shine through a material shell. The soul hurts in the matter. And the soul wants to show up and does the plan, which was in The Contract.

That's why "self-searching" is the way of work with yourself and "self-burrowing" is an unwanted by-product. It is because at the time of work with yourself you can find something that you don't want to see. And you feel shame, badness, imperfection and you want to burrow yourself.

It is the meeting with your shadow. These are all unwanted things in yourself. It is everything that you have but do not deligently see. It is a defense mechanism called the Ego. And it is normal. Anyway, the Ego is very healthy and needs to survive. But you should to be able to deal with it.

Actually, it is the Ego that self-burrows. Because it is the Ego that hurts exactly. It is a false identification of yourself. It is your own self-presentation, a perfect image.

You need to accept your shadow and your duality for healing. You are a synergy of light and dark, spirit and matter. Constant work with your shadow gives you a happy life with self-development.

It hurts and is scary at the start. But it will be kind of spiritual hygiene with time and practice. Because spiritual muscle is getting stronger. The Ego is always here and getting more sophisticated, but you will feel and understand it better. Things which are hidden in the shadow getting deeper, thinner and elusive.

And there is another bonus in the shadow. There is more power in it.

The practical approach is to displace the focus. It is to do "soul-searching" not hard labour, but to challenge the soul in the material world. You can think that you are an anthropologist who, working with another anthropologist (a psychologist, for example) , discovers your inner world and finds artefacts. And each artifact is a prize, because it promises benefits

Each finding and correction within yourself gives you precious resources, valuable experience and passed exams, harmonised problems and all of these influence at the event level. It is the step to a happy life, because the soul gets a more comfortable temple - a body.
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